Hailing from the Netherlands, DJ Triptolemus is a name synonymous with Psytrance. As the founder of Psychedelic.FM and the visionary behind, he’s been a driving force in shaping the Dutch Psytrance community. Triptolemus’s played on many stages, including Trance Orient Express, Psychedelic Rave, Bom Voyage, and last year even brought Psytrance to the new… [read more]

Morgana Amaral is 33 years old and is based in the Netherlands. From early on she always demonstrated a love for electronic music. When she was 16 years old she became involved in the club scene and in time she shifted to psytrance and other electronic music genres. In 2016 she decided to become a… [read more]

Besnik is part of the German psytrance scene since 1998 and he is a well-known DJ all over. He started in 98 to collect vinyl’s and he begun to mix electronic music. His DJ career started on Techno events and in 2002 he found out his real passion is psytrance. He played at major national… [read more]

ARIES (a.k.a.Donatas Naskevicius, born in Lithuania) started his musical journey in 2016. After 9 years visiting Psychedelic Music parties and festivals, he decided to go to Ozora Festival. The amazing adventures he had there pushed him to an old dream of his; being a DJ. He started his DJing career at the Magistrat, a club… [read more]

Govinda is the founder of Believe Lab and an international Dj since 2002, he started playing when he was only 16 together with his older brother Arjuna.

Since always into electronic music, in 1997 DJ Phobos started listening to psytrance, going to parties and festivals all around Europe.

DJ Morrieo from Japan The beginning was the Equinox in 1998, when i started to listen psy-trance music and after few year, in 2002, I stopped my Hardcore Band where i was playing as a drummer and I started to play DJ sets.  In 2016, I was chosen as official DJ of Parvati Records which for me is the most  prestigious psychedelic music label.

Dj Mikel, from Italy, began his career behind the decks in year 2000, when he started playing music at techno-trance parties. Around same time he discovered his passion for mystical Indian atmospheres and for the psychedelic world.

I was born in the Berchtesgadener Land, the gate to the alps, where I grew up in a beautiful area surrounded by mountains close to the Untersberg, the mountain with the most legends and myths in the alps. After living in the Bavarian Forest for some time now I have moved to a farm in lower Bavaria.

Around 1999-2000, K.T first got exposed to Goa psychedelic trance. In the next few years , he found himself attracted to the more organic sounds of the night heavy baselines and intricately fused non mechanical/industrial leads.

Rafael aka Jig comes from the north of Portugal and is currently living in the Swiss Alps. He was introduced into Psychedelic Music in a very young age through his Father & later through his Brother (R.I.P) into Psychedelic Trance. In the year of 2007 he visited his First Psytrance Party... and there was where it all began. As a big Music-addict, Lover & collector I always wanted to share my Feelings out to the Freaks through a Musical Psychedelic Journey.

ILSE was born 1973 as Stephan Ilse in Hamburg / Germany. After school he made his alternative service and massively was infected with the psychedelic virus back in 91. He realized to work in a regular job as a commercial assistant, which is his regular profession, would not make him happy, and started to visit more and more parties and festivals to decide finally playing on smaller events spreading his idea of psytrance.

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