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Since always into electronic music, in 1997 DJ Phobos started listening to psytrance, going to parties and festivals all around Europe.

A bodhisattva, according to Buddhism, is a Buddhist who has attained enlightenment, but who as a selfless act, delays his or her entry to Nirvana (non-existence) for the sake of others.

HighStyle is the solo Project Of Corbin Tod-Duff. Age 23, he first got into the scene at the end of 2006 and was completely hooked,Immediately wanting to know how to make the music.he sat watching his friends for 2 years, trying to understand the science behind it, practicing on friends PCs, when he could .

Born in May 1987 in Venice, he first met the world of electronic music when he was 14. After having listened to different kinds of music, it is in 2003 that he gets in touch with the world of psytrance. Soon it becomes his stronger passion and he decides to cooperate with some friends (Francesco from Assioma and Winny) to found the “monkey tribe”. They organized several events in Italy during the following years.

R2 is the project of Arturo Oreamuno, an artist based in Costa Rica and involved in the psytrance scene since 2000, always motived in providing a fresh and proper live act, full of energy and good vibes.

Assioma is a psychedelic project started in 2007 in Spinea, a small town close to Venice, between two friends: Francesco (aka Prado) and Andrea (aka Cada).

“The mission is to bring you a truly intelligent underground sound with good music and good vibes”. Killer B has a long history in the South African trance scene and plays variety of styles ranging in progressive, techno and psychedelic trance.

DHARMA is a Project started in 2009 in the city of Udine (IT) by Enrico Alpini. After 8 years studying as a drummer, several years of DJing, and thanks to the inspiration of many events he attended in the past, he threw himself into producing psytrance music.

Phase is Giacomo Martoccia, born in Florence in the beginning of the 80s. He studies music since early age and when 17 he starts to be interested in techno and electronic music, but after a few years his Psytrance caught his interest and the growing Italian Psychedelic scene.´

Hypereggs, psychedelic trance, Looney Moon Rec. Hypereggs are coming, floating from the deeper stars and the darker caves. Hypereggs communicate with their music: they scream while fried, they cry while boiling, always dimensionally riding between trash and mysticism.

Circus Bent is Lukas Mantodea, originally from Poland but resident in the UK for almost ten years now. Music has always been main part of his life since he’s grown up in a family of musicians, mostly dedicated to classical, jazz and blues.

Section 8 is the latest project from DJ Paul Taylor. A dynamic fresh new sound drawing from Paul’s 20 years of DJ’ing and Production experience.

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