Born in May 1987 in Venice, he first met the world of electronic music when he was 14. After having listened to different kinds of music, it is in 2003 that he gets in touch with the world of psytrance. Soon it becomes his stronger passion and he decides to cooperate with some friends (Francesco from Assioma and Winny) to found the “monkey tribe”. They organized several events in Italy during the following years.

In 2003 he starts its experience as a dj, however, after 5 years, it became clear that the mixer was not enough, and that playing someone else’s music could not fully express himself. He begins now to take confidence with music production and, after 2 years of hard work in his studio, and even thank to the help and training of his friend Dust, he debuts with mole project in July 2010.

This project will be immediately followed by further releases. His music is a mix between the fat jumping baselines from the full on and the psychedelic leads and atmospheres from the night music. The outcome is a groovy psytrance that will pump the dancefloors and blast yours brains for sure.

Current track