Genres of Psytrance

We find ourself quite often either having a discussion about what still goes for Psytrance or explaining and describing Psytrance (or Psychedelic Trance) and explaining that Psytrance is a collective term which consists of many different subgenres, each with their own characteristics, tempo, sounds and even sometimes their own cultural scenes.

To understand what kind of music we consider Psytrance, we suggest you’d read ‘History of Psytrance’.

While doing a some internet research ourself, we stumbled onto an amazingly detailed description of Psytrance and most to all of its subgenres.

If you’d like to explore one or more of the subgenres yourself, you’ll probably appreciate the time and effort ‘Lightforce’ has put in explaining and describing each of its subgenres and accompanying them with examples.

To read the document be patient > loading the complete PDF might take a moment: Psytrance (EN).pdf

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