Dark Notes – Alien Orchestra

Dark Notes – Alien Orchestra by Deviant Force Records The newest addition to the roster, the infamous Brazilian duo Dark Notes, celebrating their debut on Deviant Force with an earth-shattering free release. Five self-titled and carefully curated symphonies merging to one outstanding magnum opus. The narrative of the Ep is audibly based somewhere in the […]

Dark Notes - Alien Orchestra (Deviant Force Records)

UNI, The Papuna & Dopamine – Keiseihouou

Keiseihouou by UNI, The Papuna & Dopamine UNI, the Papuna and Dopamine hit BMSS Records with a pair of slickly produced psychedelic collaborations. This Israeli-Japanese production combo dates back to a 25-year-old friendship, a time when Papuna was promoting parties in Tokyo. When UNI recently played at a party in Israel, the idea of a […]

UNI, The Papuna & Dopamine - Keiseihouou (BMSS Records)

V​.​A. – Prehispanic Entities Vol. II

V.A – Prehispanic Entities Vol 2 by Digital Shamans Records

V​.​A. - Prehispanic Entities Vol. II (Digital Shamans Records)

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Koschei – Conspiricy Alien

CONSPIRACY ALIEN (EP) by Koschei Visionary Shamanics is happy to present a spacey Darkpsy EP from Brazilian artist KOSCHEI. CONSPIRACY ALIEN Here’s to the psychedelic travellersCosmic passengers, the touristsWho trek these alien soundscapesIn search of experiences to relateOscillating through Freaky dimensionsThey are hiding behind weird resonationsHyper-galactic explorers of eternityGuide this futuristic journey so trippy credits […]

Koschei - Conspiricy Alien (Visionary Shamanics)

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