“12 Years Anniversary Compilation” by Banyan Records

Written by on 2023-11-08

It’s an impossible job to feature every new release, but every now and then there’s a release that just demands it’s time in the spotlight and this is one of those releases.

Celebrating their 12th Anniversary, Banyan Records released a killer compilation:

“12 Years Anniversary Compilation”

With artists as Lyrica, Nullgrad, Mind Oscillation, Sishiva, Necropsycho, Spagettibrain and many more, this release is a true showcase for that swampy, psychedelic “Banyan Records”-vibe.

Enjoy the Ride!

Banyan records is honored to present you this massive compilation. For our 12th birthday we came up with something special and put together 17 tracks for you in the usual range of dark and forest. We wish you a pleasant listening experience and that your legs dance to it like never before.

With this tracklist we want you to show you the diversity of the Dark/Forest side of psychedelic trance.


Mastering by Mind Oscillation
Artwork by Rituja Patil
Digitalised by Ilya Zorin aka Mantis

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