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Here’s a collection of video’s selected by us, all regarding Psytrance. We hope you enjoy!

The Beginning of Trance & the Goa Trance Scene – 1992 (Documentary)

1992DocumentaryGoa Trance

A great and important documentary on the origins of Trance and Goa Trance scene in England, back in 1992, thanks to Rupert (Merlinhedd), the original producer of this video. So if you’re sound…and you’re into sound, watch this space 😉 The club from the video is Panjaea’s Floating Focal Point, London
PsyTrance: A way of life

AjjaChicagoCosmosisGoaPsytranceRaja Ram

Interviews with: Raja Ram Chicago Cosmosis Ajja Rabten David Jeremy and Liz Parties filmed in: Goa, Hungary, Ibiza, Israel
Carl Cox spinning Goa Trance in 1995 (Rare Footage)

1995Carl CoxGoa TranceRare Footage

Check out this ultra rare footage from Carl Cox spinning some oldschool Goa Trance vinyls from 1995. Who remembers the first track?
TB-303 Documentary – Bassline Baseline (2005)

BaselineBasslineDocumentaryNate HarrisonTB-303

TB-303 Documentary – Bassline Baseline, 2005 narrated by Nate Harrison (creator of then Amen Break documentary)
“Music Is My Drug : Psychedelic Trance”

DocumentaryGoa TrancePsytrance

A film about Psychedelic Trance by Martin Meissonnier & Jean Jacques Flori, shot in Goa, Israël, UK and Japan for Canal+, featuring Total Eclipse, Simon Posford, Raja Ram and many more…

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