Justin Chaos is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Having spent the last fifteen years on the loose in the global psychedelic scene, not only has he built a formidable reputation as a promoter, connector and facilitator of big projects, but he has refined and widely shared his skills as an impeccable DJ weaving between genres in his eternal search for organized chaos.

Justo is a producer and purveyor of night time psychedelic music, be it under his LIVE project Obliviant (on Looney Moon Records) or as a DJ Justin Chaos. He worked for the world famous Ozora Festival from 2011 being responsible for the International booking line up, particularly developing the Ozora nightime sound and making it known as one of the best festivals to experience first class, cutting edge night time Psychedelic music.

After several years he then decided to focus more on producing music, creating his Obliviant project with Liftshift, though he chose to ofcourse maintain an advisory role at Ozora Festival. First and foremost however it is his DJ sets that he is best known for and what keeps Justo on his toes touring worldwide, being in high demand he is seldom at home relaxing in his chosen city of Amsetrdam, also often spending extended time in Goa at the beginning of the year, where he DJs extensively at favourite venues such as Shiva Valley.

He is an integral part and dedicated host of the Zero One Music family, a backbone of the label, working hard as a label co-ordinator and manager to the many label artists and has had helped build the label into the Internationally recognized and growing collection of artists it is today at the forefront of the Psychedelic scene.

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