ILSE was born 1973 as Stephan Ilse in Hamburg / Germany. After school he made his alternative service and massively was infected with the psychedelic virus back in 91. He realized to work in a regular job as a commercial assistant, which is his regular profession, would not make him happy, and started to visit more and more parties and festivals to decide finally playing on smaller events spreading his idea of psytrance.

In Germany they have a very big scene in nearly every genre, so it was easy for him to find his place in it, even the area he lives in is dominated by the progressive community. According to his frequent work for the Mushroom Magazine in Germany he uses to write reviews for labels known for acidridden high end psytrance as well articles for artists and festival reviews. I feel to invade this magazine with real psychedelics.

His sets are usually dedicated to the nighttime acid-crowd and so he played already with many famous acts and had the pleasure to play on Boom Festival 2006.

Always following the most trippy aspect in psytrance, he uses to like a lot of diverse styles as long its intelligent and versed made, which is to be heard in his sets, so deep groovy morning tunes possible as well as long the trip factor dominates.

Dj Ilse has compiled the very successful and now sold out BrainZcrew Trilogy: 3 CDs compilations:
BrainZcrew 2
BrainZcrew 3

to be continued …

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