DJ Valkyrie Psytrance

    Morgana Amaral is 33 years old and is based in the Netherlands. From early on she always demonstrated a love for electronic music. When she was 16 years old she became involved in the club scene and in time she shifted to psytrance and other electronic music genres.

    In 2016 she decided to become a DJ Act known as Valkyrie, debuting with full-on psytrance as her first genre.

    Having her origins in very traditional sounds, she´s well known for her psychedelic mixes in the Fullon genre, always telling a story and bringing a lot of energy to the dancefloor in her sets, which may vary from Fullon groove to Fullon night! She had the opportunity to share the decks with big artists, such as Michelle Adamson, Bubble, Talamasca, Sesto Sento, and many others. Currently representing Sonitum Records and Wav Bookings agency (as Dj and booker).

    In 2021 she started a new phase adding to her roles, Road artist management and stage Management in festivals all over Europe, and launched her new brand M-United at the beginning of 2022.


    Current track