Dj Mikel, from Italy, began his career behind the decks in year 2000, when he started playing music at techno-trance parties. Around same time he discovered his passion for mystical Indian atmospheres and for the psychedelic world.

After 4 years spent playing at psytrance parties, in 2004 together with Dj Govinda, he founded the Believe tribe: a cultural association that uses music as an instrument of communication, not only related to fun.
Today the Believe crew, based in the middle/east part of Italy, is responsible for high quality parties and events: for example the 7 Chakras parties and the Blackmoon Festival.

as Dj, Mikel has a very particular sound, transcendental and hypnotic. A deep music research that end in hours of pure musical delirium, showing a unique personal choice in order to create a place out of time and space. A perfect duo between mind and body. Don’t wait for him to come, follow him on the next show!

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