DJ Govinda

Govinda is the founder of Believe Lab and an international Dj since 2002, he started playing when he was only 16 together with his older brother Arjuna.

When he was a little boy he lived between Italy and Goa, he got in touch with psytrance culture when he was really young and he felt to be part of it fully since the very beginning. In 2005 he started helping putting up events in Goa and in 2008 that became his profession, playing and organizing parties not only in India but in many other countries.

Today Govinda is in charge of selecting artists to play at different events and festivals promoting his favorite style, an organic psytrance, with positive waves and in strong sinergy with nature. His taste for music grew slowly thanks to the great passion he always felt for the dancefloor and because he has been experiencing fully it in all its shades.

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