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“Kapalamala” by Dsompa is OUT NOW!

The fifty or fifty-two heads or skulls in the mundamala or kapalamala are described to symbolize the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet in Kali’s iconography, thus signifying the wearer Kali as sabda Brahman, Ultimate Reality recognized as Sound and the primal sound of the sacred syllable Om. Another interpretation links the mundamala symbolizing the heads […]

"Kapalamala" by Dsompa

Growling Forest 4 – Compiled by Groovemoon (Brahmasutra Records)

Brahmasutra Records just released their killer V.A. “Growling Forest 4“, compiled by Groovemoon, an album packed with deep, murky, howling and growling forest tracks for those deep journeys into your mind. What a banger to start of 2022! Enjoy! VA Growling Forest 4 by Groovemoon Once again the New year brings on a new dawn, […]

Brahmasutra Records - Growling-forrest-IV

Trilogy – True Hallucinations (Compiled by Discovalley Crew)

Trilogy – True Hallucinations (Compiled by Discovalley Crew) by Discovalley Records The T R I L O G Y project is a series of independent/collaborative releases among the artists of Discovalley Records! Three artists delivering three tracks, each showcasing their work while shaping the future sound of the valley.The series begins with TRUE HALLUCINATIONS featuring tracks […]

Trilogy - True Hallucinations (Compiled by Discovalley Crew)

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Stomping Goats Collective releases V.A. “Tanngrisnir & Tanngnjostr III”

Tanngrisnir & Tanngnjostr 3 by V/A (Stomping Goats Collective) The time has come to disclose the mystery so lend us your ears and witness the end of our trilogy. Don’t be afraid everything’s gonna be fine so let’s float together for the very last time. What to say about this release, other than; ‘Just have […]

Tanngrisnir & Tanngnjostr III by Stomping Goats Collective

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Pukkawallah – V​.​A. Change Your Mind

We are very happy to see that Pukkawallah Records (JP) decided to release a CD after releasing the debut EP by the co-founder of Pukkawallah Records SUZI: Suzi and Friends – Suzi Aur Doston. Yeah, yeah……we know……we’re probably a bunch dinosaurs, but we just love to hold a CD in our hands, probably something to […]

Pukkawallah - V.A. - Change your Mind

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