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Yesterday we went to the Museon-Omniversum in The Hague (The Netherlands).

Omniversum is a large-format film theater located in The Hague. The screen curves around the audience like a half-dome, providing a more immersive experience than a flat screen. An advanced sound system produces audible signals as well as extra low tones that can be felt. There are 300 seats.

The name Omniversum is a combination of ‘Omnimax’ and ‘Universe’. Omnimax is the original name of the film projection system used, which was later renamed IMAX Dome. Universe refers to the astronomical aspect of the programs that used to be shown.

The Omniversum foundation “aims to convey knowledge about human life, nature, and our planet to the public in a special and impressive way, knowledge that is essential for a sustainable society.”

This translates into movies with themes of culture, nature, and science. Music, history, and entertainment are also featured. Almost every year, a series of Pink Project concerts takes place at Omniversum.

A film usually lasts about an hour.


We to the Museon-Omniversum to watch and listen to “Recombination“, a Fulldome Journey through a world of fractal imagery and sound.

Visual artist Julius Horsthuis spent 1.5 years creating this film. He took us on a journey through eight worlds, each with specially composed music by his favorite producers. The fractals Julius uses to create these worlds are generated by mathematical formulas.

By visualizing them, the most beautiful and mind-expanding landscapes, worlds, cathedrals, and psychedelic architectural forms emerged, which were mind-blowing.

Original music by producers:
Michael Stearns, David Levy, Max Cooper, Desert Dwellers, Ben Lukas Boysen, Temple Invisible, and Ott.

The Movie will be screened up until the 21st of May 2023.

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