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Written by on 2022-02-19

The fifty or fifty-two heads or skulls in the mundamala or kapalamala are described to symbolize the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet in Kali’s iconography, thus signifying the wearer Kali as sabda Brahman, Ultimate Reality recognized as Sound and the primal sound of the sacred syllable Om.

Another interpretation links the mundamala symbolizing the heads of foes and demons slain by the wearer goddess in battle. The mundamala in the context of Chhinnamasta’s iconography is said to signify her victory over Time and fear of Death.

In Shiva’s iconography, the mundamala represents the continual creation and destruction cycles of human existence.

Release date: 02/02/2022
Mastering by: Ballistic Mastering
Artwork by: Dsompa


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