Antithesis – Infinite Darkness (D Noir)

Written by on 2021-03-04


Since Aristotle’s ancient time we can frame the dream landscape only by analogies, comparisons, metaphors. In the darkness we enter the dream world. We can only access this disconcerting and provocative path by leaving behind an attempt to rationalize it and translate it into daytime language.

Our relationship with the dream reality has always been shrouded in mystery, it is our unconscious that speak. The infinite darkness that dwells within us is our psyche, where our entire way of being has been got unsubstantial, stripped of natural life. In every shape, sense and dimension, it is the exact copy of itself.

This album is the sum of my experiments over the past 5 years. Before getting to this point I went through another 5 EPs that allowed me to develop the style you know. With both an analog and digital approach and with the help of a very special machine like Lyra, I have produced this album which I hope will satisfy your desire for Psytrance.

Thanks to D Noir Records for the support over the years.

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