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With the artistic drive to create music encoded into his DNA, the half Brazilian, half Portuguese Fernando Seca, living in the peaceful city of Lübeck, Germany, his chosen location to build his studio and lead his family life, has become a revolutionary electronic musician.

Samadhi is a pioneering psytrance artist from St. Petersburg Russia one of the founders of famous Russian promo group Shanti Sound System and first radio show dedicated to psychedelic music in city called Shambala.

Nektarios is a new project by Nectarios Meidanis aka Martian Arts (Tip Rec) .

JuanMad is the recent project Juan Manuel Do Campo Méndez alias “El Loko” from his first project “el M.A.D.” (midi adventure dealer) in 2005 when he starts producing his own psychedelic trance.

Govinda is the founder of Believe Lab and an international Dj since 2002, he started playing when he was only 16 together with his older brother Arjuna.

Formed in 2018 Criok Shatter is the newly consolidated musical collaboration between Tomás Boils (Oksha) and Daniel Ritter (Critter).

Since always into electronic music, in 1997 DJ Phobos started listening to psytrance, going to parties and festivals all around Europe.

A bodhisattva, according to Buddhism, is a Buddhist who has attained enlightenment, but who as a selfless act, delays his or her entry to Nirvana (non-existence) for the sake of others.

HighStyle is the solo Project Of Corbin Tod-Duff. Age 23, he first got into the scene at the end of 2006 and was completely hooked,Immediately wanting to know how to make the music.he sat watching his friends for 2 years, trying to understand the science behind it, practicing on friends PCs, when he could .

Born in May 1987 in Venice, he first met the world of electronic music when he was 14. After having listened to different kinds of music, it is in 2003 that he gets in touch with the world of psytrance. Soon it becomes his stronger passion and he decides to cooperate with some friends (Francesco from Assioma and Winny) to found the “monkey tribe”. They organized several events in Italy during the following years.

R2 is the project of Arturo Oreamuno, an artist based in Costa Rica and involved in the psytrance scene since 2000, always motived in providing a fresh and proper live act, full of energy and good vibes.

Assioma is a psychedelic project started in 2007 in Spinea, a small town close to Venice, between two friends: Francesco (aka Prado) and Andrea (aka Cada).

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