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Radikal Moodz (Maxime and Dominique), are the freshest new Psychedelic project from France. They began the project in 2016, however the sophistication of their sound seems to suggest they’ve been around for quite a while longer. Since 2016 they have released 2 E.P’s on Maharetta Records ( Spain) , plus a further 2 tracks on 2 separate Festival VA compilations.

Axial Tilt is a new music produced by Flavio Ferreira (Xpiral and Sychotria), that comes to “tilt” your mind in a positive vibration, with themes that take you to a journey into the vibrating energy from our planet Earth.

Pantomiman is George Agaronov (or Gosha for short), a Russian psytrance producer with some extra flavour on top – he is a professional comic actor who comes from a family of circus comedy performers! Early in his childhood years Gosha began playing musical instruments, performing on stage and later composing his parts for a circus band.

After creating several projects in different kinds of music (Oddwave, Smooth Criminal, A Slower Day) GROZDANIC Théo decides now to give his talent for psytrance music with his own textures, sound designs and signature.

Jumpstreet is the young Psytrance Project of Raffael Willi from Lucerne Switzerland. Making all kinds of music since a child and playing different instruments he was always in the need to make his own compositions. In electronic music and especially psychedelic trance he found the best place to implement all ideas. Started in summer of 2013 this project has been constantly evolving.

Charles Matos (born November 5, 1978) is a Brazilian producer, audio engineer and drummer, best known as the psychedelic trance project Whiptongue. He is also part of the project Sychotria together with Flavio Xpiral.

Dust’s unique sound has been released worldwide since 2008. Melting groovy, full-on oriented basslines and rhythms with night time psychedelic sounds.

Dsompa is the Tibetan meaning for “flowing together”, and is the project of Philipp based in Hamburg, Germany, a passionate Dj and producer.

Project was born in Mexico from the sound lab of Mariano Tur after many years of experimenting with different projects and types of music which led him to bring this sound creature to life.

Cosmic Brahma aka Abbhy or Abhishek started his DJing way back in 2003, He learned DJing from Pro School of Disc jockey in Bangalore, India. Since, then he was deeply chained into the world of music where he learned different art of mixing on cd's and turntable. In 2003 he played with different dj's in Bangalore and in 2004 he became the resident dj of "Explode".

Weirdos is the duo project formed by two Italian music producers: Aztec Dosage and Leso. Friends since long time, born and raised in the same area, they matched each other sharing the common passion for psychedelic trance. The nerd background was the leading key that got them involved into music production scene.  

Vertical is the internationally established psytrance project of Joonas Lehtinen from Finland. The project saw daylight around 2007 and after few years of working on the sound and sending demos, he caught the interest of Giuseppe from Parvati Records. This was a big turning point in Joonas' life and with the new motivation he started to work on more material for his track repertoire.

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