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Gu, a.k.a Takumi Yamaguchi, is a psychedelic trance producer from Osaka, Japan. In 2004 he wondered for the first time through the Indian sub-continent and stumbled into Goa completely unaware that he was about to have his life changed: In Goa he had his first encounter with Trance Music !

Gidra is one of the 3 headed demons adopted by Thomas who comes from the cradle of Psytrance , Goa .

Gappeq is a one-man project of Jiri Tomasek from Czech Republic. After numerous years of producing various kinds of music, as well as playing in bands, Gappeq focused his work on the darker side of psychedelic trance. His early tracks were mostly released on the Portugese label Ketuh Records. But feeling a deeper drive, Gappeq then moved on to creating a much darker, more experimental sound, which resulted in the release of his debut album Speaker Seeker in 2007 on Wirikuta Recordings.

Flipknot aka Brian Fernandes is goa-born but bombay bred freak whose main agenda is applying his cosmic algo-rhythmic knowledge to create various projects including Flipknot.Kerosene Club, Shiva Dynamo,Spirtual Gangsta,Fibre Stomp etc, Also he runs the legendary audio production school S58 Stomp Studios which boasts of having single handedly tutored around 140 students till date.and also runs India’s first female dj agency – Feline Agency.

Since 2005 producing psychedelic music on different projects and in 2012 the Elowinz Live Act became the focus of his productions.The detailed percussion work together with arrangements of different synthesis are gently guiding the dancers into trance.

Farebi Jalebi has spent the last decade producing and playing his own music at parties and festivals all around the globe. In 2010 Farebi was added to the roster of the legendary Parvati Records.

Ectogasmics is consisting of two halves of a brain that are constantly competing with each other, complimenting, melding together, stirring each others brew into one entity.

DJ Morrieo from Japan The beginning was the Equinox in 1998, when i started to listen psy-trance music and after few year, in 2002, I stopped my Hardcore Band where i was playing as a drummer and I started to play DJ sets.  In 2016, I was chosen as official DJ of Parvati Records which for me is the most  prestigious psychedelic music label.

Dj Mikel, from Italy, began his career behind the decks in year 2000, when he started playing music at techno-trance parties. Around same time he discovered his passion for mystical Indian atmospheres and for the psychedelic world.

I was born in the Berchtesgadener Land, the gate to the alps, where I grew up in a beautiful area surrounded by mountains close to the Untersberg, the mountain with the most legends and myths in the alps. After living in the Bavarian Forest for some time now I have moved to a farm in lower Bavaria.

Around 1999-2000, K.T first got exposed to Goa psychedelic trance. In the next few years , he found himself attracted to the more organic sounds of the night heavy baselines and intricately fused non mechanical/industrial leads.

Rafael aka Jig comes from the north of Portugal and is currently living in the Swiss Alps. He was introduced into Psychedelic Music in a very young age through his Father & later through his Brother (R.I.P) into Psychedelic Trance. In the year of 2007 he visited his First Psytrance Party... and there was where it all began. As a big Music-addict, Lover & collector I always wanted to share my Feelings out to the Freaks through a Musical Psychedelic Journey.

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