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Insanity by Sun Iono Music are excited to unleash this massive release „Insanity” from the awesome SUN. First of the two tracks is ‘Insanity’, which is a more laid back trancer; with extra-terrestrial soundscapes, haunting arpeggios and balearic melodies. Next up is ‘Fallen’ a stunning progressive slice of heaven filled with beautifully crafted driving sounds, […]

Psychoactive by Cosmic Tone Cosmic Tone – ‘Psychoactive’ is our next release on Iono-Music. This ferocious feisty number is fuelled with a smacking kick, rocking bass, invading stabs and invigorating melodies. With turbulent and tantalising twists and turns that will lead you on a merry dance through a fun fair of crazy rides, whilst guzzling […]

Magic Mushrooms by Altered State & Cabal Out next on Iono-Music is Altered State & Cabal with their fresh feisty elevating track ‘Magic Mushrooms’. A deep dirty bass rolls majestically through this track, accompanied by a plethora of kicking drums and percussion. This powerful drive is succinctly layered with hypnotic lines, alluring vocals and crazy […]

Chaotic Nature by Hinap & Reverse Out next on Iono-Music Hinap & Reverse returns with this smasher of a track called ‘Chaotic Nature’. The bass drives like a souped up Maserati, the drums crash like a full-on Tsunami and the rest of the instrumentation creates a whirlwind of deep, dark, supernatural mayhem. ‘Chaotic Nature’ is […]

Mind Expand by Lyktum Out next on Iono-Music we have Lyktum with his killer new track called ‘Mind Expand’. Lyktum – is never one to disappoint and this track is no exception. Bursting to the brink with fresh sounds, innovative flares and colourful flavours. The track is powerful, forceful and fearless with an outlandishly refreshing […]

D.N.A (Shibass Remix) by Yahel Our next release on Iono-Music is this awesome Shibass Remix of Yahel – ‘D.N.A.’. With wacky warped vocals, deep intense infectious sounds, mesmerizing melodies and trippy tantalizing trance lines; this spellbinding dreamy track will move you to a higher state of consciousness – igniting your spirit with an enigmatic fierce […]

Cosmic Carneval by Aioaska feat. Uluru Next out on Iono-Music we have Aioaska featuring Uluru with ‘Cosmic Carneval’. This beautiful rousing track is bursting with goodness – fresh sounds, innovative noises, mesmerising captivating vocals that lift you to another dimension and a drive that will hold you there for the ride of your life.

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