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The Spirit by Sundose Sundose is back with his next release on Iono-Music called ‘The Spirit’. This track has a staple driving kick, bass and percussion; all succinctly over-laid with mesmerizing Middle Eastern instrumentation and melodies, squelchy and sacred Psychedelic sounds, cool vocals and enthralling arpeggiated lines. A rocking track which leads you on a […]

Wake Up by Stayos Out next on Iono-Music we have Stayos – ‘Wake Up’! ‘Wake Up’ is a bracing, invigorating and enriching track that elevates the spirit and nourishes the soul, drawing you to a world filled with blue skies, sunshine and rainbows. With an impelling kick, soothing bass, floating grooves, deep driving lines and […]

Space Odyssey by CJ Art We are happy to present you our next release by Artur Fabiański aka Cj Art from Poland. Space Odyssey is a two tracks single with a mesmerizing atmospheric sound that takes you to a journey through space and time. Don’t miss this one!

A Kids Dream by Hinap Out next on Iono-Music Hinap returns with his new track ‘A Kids Dream’. Fast, furious and full on – this track takes you on a galloping majestic ride all around the crazy track and back again! A militant beat, ferocious bass and shooting stabs are interspersed with charming chords, epic […]

Crystallized (Spectro Senses Remix) by Sideform Out next on Iono-Music we have the Spectro Senses Remix of Sideform – ‘Crystallized’! Monstrous sounds, mammoth noises, and morphing lines merge and melt into a cauldron of wizardly magic! With a kick and bass that drive like a Lamborghini, spellbinding sounds and haunting melodies – this track builds […]

Upside Down by Mindwave We are very happy to present our next release by Mindwave. After his last album “Children of Space”, Mindwave is back with a new single that will twist your mind upside down! Don’t miss this one!

Cloudsurfing by Altered State Up next on Iono-Music we bring you the next release from Altered State! ‘Cloudsurfing’ is a two tracker release with the title track a sublime and soothing serenade of music; encompassing impacting tribal drums, a soul piercing bass; beautifully layered with floating grooves, sweet lines and honey filled pads. ‘Enchanted Woods’ […]

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