The Bitzpan – Flowing Matter

Written by on 2019-05-23

Iono Lounge is honored to host back again our Greek duo ‘The Bitzpan’ with another 2 masterpieces. “Flowing Matter” including “Metaloceans”.
A pure flowing atmosphere that is played by plucked & wind instruments, while a huge sub based drum presents itself in a peacefully inducing harmonious zen experience of the deep “Flowing” water waves, deepening “Matter” backgrounds thriving in for a meditative state of letting it flow with the go. Followed by a bliss of “Metaloceans” sweet sunset chords of rhythmic and melodious arpeggiated sequences, spreading its day like vibes with precise synchronicity transition into the majestic ambience of the night like vibe, summarizing it into a perfectly balanced storytelling concept. Emerging female vocal atmospheres originated from a deep soulful place, distorted “Metal” strings are successfully finishing this wonderful journey and flourishing its ending of another blossoming masterpiece dedicated to the “Oceans”.

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