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Human Nature by Aioaska Next up on Iono-Music we bring you Aioaska – ‘Human Nature’. This track is a dreamy delectable tune with elevating lines, uplifting risers and expansive euphoric vocals lifting you to a celestial state. The beat rocks, the bass drives and the instrumentation is seductively sublime – making it impossible to resist!

Midnight Drums (Outlaw Remix) by Lyktum Next up on Iono-Music is Outlaw’s remix of Lyktum’s – ‘Midnight Drums’. This remix is a dancefloor smasher, filled with many uplifting moments and driving abstract sounds. Floating arpeggiators will set you perfectly for a trippy wonderland journey, while hypnotizing spiritual vocals elevate this track’s spirit.

More Fire by Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa are back with their next epic track called ‘More Fire’ out next on Iono-Music. This piece is a picnic of pure psychotropic insanity – each treat – a feast filled with crazy and colourful full-on psychedelic flavours. The beat kicks like a mule, the bass drives like a […]

Visions of Acting by Hinap Next up on Iono-Music we have the very talented Hinap with this two track release ‘Visions of Acting’. The title tune drives you straight into heavenly oblivion – with the rocking rhythm, deep energizing bass and mesmeric lines. Shadow Boxi is the 2nd track of this quality combo with a […]

Baby Techno by Vivante Iono is happy to present their next release by the uprising talent from Israel Elad Vivante aka Vivante. Baby Techno is a 2 tracks single with deep, groovy atmosphere. A true floor filler!

Psychedelic All Over by Osher Iono-Music are pleased to bring you this next two track release from Osher. ‘Psychedelic All Over’ is a rocking trancer with a furious beat, poignant stabs, and hauntingly rousing lines. ‘Touch The Stars’ has fresh beats, killer percussion, mystical melodies and celestial vocals. These innovative and refreshing sounds infiltrate your […]

Flowing Matter by The Bitzpan Iono Lounge is honored to host back again our Greek duo ‘The Bitzpan’ with another 2 masterpieces. “Flowing Matter” including “Metaloceans”.A pure flowing atmosphere that is played by plucked & wind instruments, while a huge sub based drum presents itself in a peacefully inducing harmonious zen experience of the deep […]

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