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Energetic Connection by Aioaska & Gipsy Soul Out next on Iono-Music – Aioaska & Gipsy Soul team up and bring you ‘Energetic Connection’. This beautiful floating trancer is invigorating and uplifting like a breath of fresh crisp spring air. The blend of enigmatic vocals, elevating risers, rousing arps and impactful stabs succinctly positioned on a […]

Human Form by Mindbenderz Mindbenderz are back with their next upfront track on Iono-Music. ‘Human Form’ packs a powerful punch from its first strike. With a kiss ass beat and infectious bass line that rock, epic risers, spacey sounds, enchanting lines and celestial vocals beautifully fused together mesmerize your mind and captivate your heart – […]

Flying Still by Letissier Iono Lounge presents a new release from the artist ‘Letissier’, coming straight from the depths of northern Italy, with 3 tracks being “Flying Still” & “Okra Dew (Morning & Evening mix)”. Its grooving rhythms & lushness that is omnipresent throughout the entire release are based in sweet melodies and great liquid […]

At the Beginning (Shibass Remix) by Ritmo Out next on Iono-Music we have a Shibass remix of Ritmo’s track – ‘At The Beginning’. With a hard hitting kick and rocking bass that are perfectly complimented with punchy stabs, uplifting trance risers and celestial vocals; this track takes you on an intergalactic ride to another dimension […]

Electro Panic (One Function Remix) by Infected Mushroom & Yahel Next up on Iono-Music we are thrilled and excited to bring you this next release! A One Function killer remix of the track ‘Electro Panic’ from Infected Mushroom & Yahel. This mix is full of power with a driving pulsating energy. The production pumps and […]

Abduction by Lyktum & Zarma Out next on Iono-Music is this enthralling track from the maestro that is Lyktum, teaming up with awesome Zarma to bring you ‘Abduction’! “Have you ever had sleep paralysis? That’s actually an alien abduction!”. This track will wake you from any slumber; with its energizing beats, infectious bass, haunting mystical […]

Escape by Tweaken We are happy to present you our next release by the Belgian producers Fabien & Nicolas a.k.a. Tweaken. Escape is a two tracks single with amazing atmosphere and groovy vibe. You don’t want to miss this one!

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