Ital -Voice of Nature

Written by on 2019-02-06

Iono-Music are very proud to bring you this next album release from Chillean Psytrance artist – Ital. The ‘Voice of Nature’ is a full on – full power – kick ass album filled with quality compositions. Ital has teamed up with fellow supreme producers: Braincell, Twelve Sessions, Technology, Groovebox, Starlab and Pragmatix; to bring you some top draw collaborations. There’s also killer remixes of Hynocoustiscs – ‘Transformational Structures and Hypnoise & Spinal Fusion’s – ‘Aurora’ included!

Ital is taking no prisoners with this album which is filled with dark moody baselines, crisp sharp percussion, fierce stabs, driving arpaggiators and a healthy does of extra-terrestrial alien like sounds. ‘One Love Nation’ rocks from start to finish and is a stormer of a track! ‘Universal Prayer is layered with floating grooves, hypnotic trance lines and a celestial vocal – making it an epic blaster. The album is a roller coaster ride through the captivating, crazy and compelling world of Psy.

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