Gaia by Braincell Welcome to the new awe-inspiring Braincell album! ..In fact.. welcome to the new Braincell AND Unknown Reality album Yes , its a double album, and in case you were not already aware, Unknown Reality is the name of our amazing Mr Braincell’s ambient/chill project. So you guessed it !!! This is a… [read more]

Wilderness by magik, braincell Magik & Braincell combine their vast studio knowledge along with massive dancefloor exposure from around the globe to cook us this psychedelic wilderness filled journey to get our right juices flowing for the summer festival adventures.

Just who are these secret music making gurus shrouded in yogic mystery ? Showing us that their mission of slipping in and out of dimensions to bring new sounds to our ears is in fact possible ? It’s as though for both of these amazing debuts tracks they have used every possible BRAINCELL to create a perfect sonic MANDALA every… [read more]

Psygressive, Vol.5 by Various Artists

Hujaboy has colluded with fellow crafty critters, Braincell & Vertical, to create these two cheeky little monsters.Both of these tunes will take the dance-floor deep into the realms of psychedelia where the creatures of the night like to come out and play.

Voice of Nature by Ital Iono-Music are very proud to bring you this next album release from Chillean Psytrance artist – Ital. The ‘Voice of Nature’ is a full on – full power – kick ass album filled with quality compositions. Ital has teamed up with fellow supreme producers: Braincell, Twelve Sessions, Technology, Groovebox, Starlab… [read more]

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