Braincell – GAIA

Written by on 2019-07-15

Welcome to the new awe-inspiring Braincell album!

..In fact.. welcome to the new Braincell AND Unknown Reality album

Yes , its a double album, and in case you were not already aware, Unknown Reality is the name of our amazing Mr Braincell’s ambient/chill project.

So you guessed it !!! This is a huge collection of audio pleasure from the Braincell studio starting with a psychedelic trance master class of 9 lessons in the freshest, tweakiest, groovy, most rocking, heads-down, hands-up, feet-pounding, big smiles and pupils fully-dilated kinda way, before landing in 11 of the most lush chilled-out soundscapes and gentle beats to lull you into the most comfy mind set you could ever wish to find yourself diving into.

Having traveled with his wife and two small children to all kinds of interesting and far-flung places Braincell breathed in the magic of our planet while making recordings and mapping out new ideas on a portable studio set up, laying the foundation for this epic ode to the one that nurtures us, Mother Earth in all her glory, GAIA.

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