Earthspace & Technology have combined their talents to create a rip-roaring hum-dinger of a dancefloor activator that is loaded with freaky-deaky tweakery! This is a very special track, created to celebrate life, all lifestyles and all that is viewed as ‘weird’ in the world ! “WE ARE HAPPY! WE ARE ONE! WE ARE WEIRD!“

Hallucination by Technology Powered by the Brazilian energy, Technology takes us on a journey and prepares our minds for a psychedelic hallucination that will revitalize and empower our chakras through the frequencies of his music. Be inspired and let yourself live! FB:

Voice of Nature by Ital Iono-Music are very proud to bring you this next album release from Chillean Psytrance artist – Ital. The ‘Voice of Nature’ is a full on – full power – kick ass album filled with quality compositions. Ital has teamed up with fellow supreme producers: Braincell, Twelve Sessions, Technology, Groovebox, Starlab… [read more]

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