Month: July 2019

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Faders – Gaia by Sacred Technology After several Sacred Technology exclusive appearancesFaders returns with a huge psychedelic blaster of a track, ‘Gaia’ is a sophisticated and powerful one, every beat shape-shifting into chards of beautiful magic that will create unforgettable dance floor moments

The Spirit by Sundose Sundose is back with his next release on Iono-Music called ‘The Spirit’. This track has a staple driving kick, bass and percussion; all succinctly over-laid with mesmerizing Middle Eastern instrumentation and melodies, squelchy and sacred Psychedelic sounds, cool vocals and enthralling arpeggiated lines. A rocking track which leads you on a […]

Avalon & Divination have remixed Altom’s 2002 classic ‘Hologram’! A hugely influential track when it was first released, this fresh take now powers it up for current dancefloor action while still nodding massively to the original with a groove and feel that will pull everyone right back into that deep glorious archetypal moment and then […]

Wake Up by Stayos Out next on Iono-Music we have Stayos – ‘Wake Up’! ‘Wake Up’ is a bracing, invigorating and enriching track that elevates the spirit and nourishes the soul, drawing you to a world filled with blue skies, sunshine and rainbows. With an impelling kick, soothing bass, floating grooves, deep driving lines and […]

Granjurema by Elowinz Brazilian forest wizard Elowinz is now ready with his second EP, Granjurema,  After the big success of Sananga, his first EP released in 2016, we are thrilled to present you these 3 new tracks. Elowinz keeps developing his unique style and confirms his ability of creating deep trancey atmospheres always supported by strong backbones in […]

Mad Capsule by Venom Future Music Records is proud to present ‘Mad Capsule’ – a new single from Venom

Above the Stars, beyond clouds, the all-seeing-eye draws inspiration from across the universe and beams it back out like a beacon of creativity and wonder! As the beam splinters through the galaxies shards of light enter our atmosphere and mingle with our senses, coaxing our creative minds to push the boat out, try something new […]

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