Month: July 2019

The Unified Field by CIRCUS BENT & BATTOUSAI released July 31, 2019Mastering by Prism MasteringArtwork by Amoeba Design Studio

Apocalypse TV – First Star by Apocalypse TV

Sick by Mindbenderz Out next on Iono-Music is the monster new release from Mindbenderz and it’s called ‘Sick’! This track is taking no prisoners – with its militant sharp beat, grinding bass, outlandish vocals, deep permeating lines and penetrating sounds. This twisted tribal Safari trek pulls you to the distorted depths of a crazy jungle;… [read more]

Get ready for the latest E-Motion EP on his home label BMSS Records. Propelled by mangled leads and supersonic rhythms, this modulated and electrifying journey is a trip you don’t want to miss! After years of experimentation in the studio, E-Motion delivers a release that takes the listener on an exhilarating journey into the producer’s consciousness –… [read more]

Smudge Brain by MUTALIEN & ALTUS Looney Moon Records presents Mutaliens latest concoction Smudge Brain EP straight out of the mind farm, featuring 2 psychedelic collaborations with Altus and Shipibo. These two creations will energise and exhilarate your spirit. Are you ready for Mutaliens to flip your brain and smudge your senses ? credits Mastering… [read more]

Mindfulness by Lyktum ‘Iono-Music are thrilled to bring you a new release called ‘Mindfulness’ from Lyktum – an admired and impressive producer. There is more to this track’s creation; and its full intention may only be fully understood by those with a specialized interest in thyself solitude. It has a universal law of perception integrated… [read more]

Day out of Time – Remixes by Mind & Matter Up next on Iono-Music we’re excited to bring you this next release – which features some of the winners from the recent Mind and Matter remix competition for ‘Day Out of Time’! First up we have Phasephour who gives an uplifting euphoric twist to the… [read more]

Faders – Gaia by Sacred Technology After several Sacred Technology exclusive appearancesFaders returns with a huge psychedelic blaster of a track, ‘Gaia’ is a sophisticated and powerful one, every beat shape-shifting into chards of beautiful magic that will create unforgettable dance floor moments

The Spirit by Sundose Sundose is back with his next release on Iono-Music called ‘The Spirit’. This track has a staple driving kick, bass and percussion; all succinctly over-laid with mesmerizing Middle Eastern instrumentation and melodies, squelchy and sacred Psychedelic sounds, cool vocals and enthralling arpeggiated lines. A rocking track which leads you on a… [read more]

Avalon & Divination have remixed Altom’s 2002 classic ‘Hologram’! A hugely influential track when it was first released, this fresh take now powers it up for current dancefloor action while still nodding massively to the original with a groove and feel that will pull everyone right back into that deep glorious archetypal moment and then… [read more]

Wake Up by Stayos Out next on Iono-Music we have Stayos – ‘Wake Up’! ‘Wake Up’ is a bracing, invigorating and enriching track that elevates the spirit and nourishes the soul, drawing you to a world filled with blue skies, sunshine and rainbows. With an impelling kick, soothing bass, floating grooves, deep driving lines and… [read more]

Granjurema by Elowinz Brazilian forest wizard Elowinz is now ready with his second EP, Granjurema,  After the big success of Sananga, his first EP released in 2016, we are thrilled to present you these 3 new tracks. Elowinz keeps developing his unique style and confirms his ability of creating deep trancey atmospheres always supported by strong backbones in… [read more]

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