Month: July 2019

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Outsiders – Out There Remixes – Part 3 by Sacred Technology Outsiders and friends Here’s the third chapter Including artists, such as, Laughing Buddha, Djantrix, Spirit Architect, Atomizers, Alienatic, Spinal Fusion and Ilai

Space Odyssey by CJ Art We are happy to present you our next release by Artur Fabiański aka Cj Art from Poland. Space Odyssey is a two tracks single with a mesmerizing atmospheric sound that takes you to a journey through space and time. Don’t miss this one!

A Kids Dream by Hinap Out next on Iono-Music Hinap returns with his new track ‘A Kids Dream’. Fast, furious and full on – this track takes you on a galloping majestic ride all around the crazy track and back again! A militant beat, ferocious bass and shooting stabs are interspersed with charming chords, epic […]

Gaia by Braincell Welcome to the new awe-inspiring Braincell album! ..In fact.. welcome to the new Braincell AND Unknown Reality album Yes , its a double album, and in case you were not already aware, Unknown Reality is the name of our amazing Mr Braincell’s ambient/chill project. So you guessed it !!! This is a […]

Past is a Prologue by Egon's Embrace Sangoma Records proudly present the EP of our newest signing Egon’s Embrace, a US-based Serbian psychedelic trance producer, and professor who draws his inspiration from the foresty, organic Macedonian Psychedelic sound. His last release was in Feb 2019, which was a collaborative track on TengRi’s EP released on […]

Crystallized (Spectro Senses Remix) by Sideform Out next on Iono-Music we have the Spectro Senses Remix of Sideform – ‘Crystallized’! Monstrous sounds, mammoth noises, and morphing lines merge and melt into a cauldron of wizardly magic! With a kick and bass that drive like a Lamborghini, spellbinding sounds and haunting melodies – this track builds […]

Upside Down by Mindwave We are very happy to present our next release by Mindwave. After his last album “Children of Space”, Mindwave is back with a new single that will twist your mind upside down! Don’t miss this one!

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