Lyktum – Mindfulness

Written by on 2019-07-26

‘Iono-Music are thrilled to bring you a new release called ‘Mindfulness’ from Lyktum – an admired and impressive producer. There is more to this track’s creation; and its full intention may only be fully understood by those with a specialized interest in thyself solitude. It has a universal law of perception integrated in itself; in its correspondence to numbers 3, 6, & 9. Geometrical shapes of triangular proportions represent a ‘Trinity’ of atmospheres, vocals & melodies. At minute 3:33 a mathematical journey begins, ‘The Truth’ is repeated 33 times at minute 5:11. The track lasts for 8:33 minutes; conveying its truth of infinity; by mirroring itself. Thus, proving once more that harmonious numbers in music, are likely to be the best universal tools for cosmos to experience itself – on an infinite scale – a pure intelligent journey.’

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