Mind & Matter – Day out of Time

Written by on 2019-07-25

Up next on Iono-Music we’re excited to bring you this next release – which features some of the winners from the recent Mind and Matter remix competition for ‘Day Out of Time’! First up we have Phasephour who gives an uplifting euphoric twist to the track. With magical melodies, elevating lines, haunting extra-terrestrial sounds and eerie alienated noises this is an enriching and elevating mix – blasting you to another dimension. Authentic’s remix is a full-on ferocious concoction of crazy sounds, nutty noises and wacky vocals all on a bed of driving bass and rocking thrashing percussion – the twisted tantalizing lines will whip you into a frenzy! The third remix is brought to you by Disconnect with his grinding dirty dark mix. Filled with heroic harsh stabs, deep permeating lines and soul piercing sounds – this monstrous mix infiltrates and dominates the mind, body and spirit. And to finish off – we have the rich, strong and powerful original mix from Mind and Matter themselves. This package is released on the 25th July which is the last day of the Galactic and Mayan calendar year – a day for sacred pause and celebration – the ‘Day Out of Time’! This release is pure nectar for the soul and not to be missed!

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