Majahkil – Torn From Matter

Written by on 2019-06-20

In the realm of quantum physics, anything, and everything, is possible. Matter changes place without moving through the intervening space, information appearing elsewhere instantly. Here exists an environment of endless potential; on a subatomic level, the entire universe is merely a series of probabilities.

It is the relationship between these mind blowing ideas, and the human vehicles of consciousness that tap into them, that inspired Torn From Matter. Intricate, intimate and as vast as the many theories and ideas communicated within it, this EP signals an exploration of sound and space unlike anything Majahkil has produced before it. Torn From Matter is as intelligent in composition as it is in concept, moving through the track listing with jolts, quiet contemplations and jarring “aha” moments of energy and understanding.

It asks more questions than it provides answers for, and one gets the sense that this EP was never written with an audience as the priority, but as a pure need for expression & analysis, a means to refract the world around us prismatically and sort it into something that makes more sense.

Part dream journal, part abstract physics lecture, Torn From Matter is an attempt to consolidate thought into form, musings into music. Despite the efforts of this bio, it can not be decoded in words. It can only be understood through observation. Yet, here we encounter a paradox, because in the realm of quantum physics, observation changes the results… 


Mastering by Evp
Artwork by Forest Bam and Ferda Espepelen

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