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Unfolding The Stone by Arkanum In this strange times we are living we are very happy to announce that GloOm Music and Arkanum have the pleasure to present the new EP of the argentinian artist based in Ibiza; ‘Unfolding the Stone’ is focused in darkpsy experimental style, its made up of three tracks full of… [read more]

V.A. GloOmy Resilience by GloOm Music To celebrate the 5th anniversary of their amazing family, GloOm Music is proud to announce that, once again GloOm Music and Dj Luca have compiled a new bomb full of some solid Forest and Darkpsy tracks. This compilation is the first of an upcoming series of four volumes. The… [read more]

(GloOmD016) Majahkil – Torn From Matter by Majahkil In the realm of quantum physics, anything, and everything, is possible. Matter changes place without moving through the intervening space, information appearing elsewhere instantly. Here exists an environment of endless potential; on a subatomic level, the entire universe is merely a series of probabilities. It is the… [read more]

(GloOmD021) Isometric – Different Perception by Isometric Glo0m Music and Isometric are glad to present its latest EP Different Perception.The perception is the ability to see, hear and become aware of something through our senses. This ability and its interpretation are different to all of us, making us completely unique from one another. In this… [read more]

(GloOmCD04) OpeNmiNd – Unknown Reality by GloOm Music The Unknown Reality sustains you and the web of life as you understand it. Your conscious concepts must enlarge so that the conscious self can understand its true nature. As you think of it, consciousness is barely – barely – half developed. Portions of the brain not… [read more]

(GloOmD022) Dogon – Weird Senses by GloOm Music GloOm Music and Dogon are glad to present Weird Senses. Dogon is the new Project of Felipo aka Millennium.Now with much more experience delights us with a new Ep in wich we will listen his new style full of leads and atmospheres in the purest GloOm sound… [read more]

Royal Rumble 2 by Delirium Tremens, Kusabi, Brain Jam, Psiked'eliah, N.e.s., Saikro

Marasmarahaua Temple by Various Artists

(GloOmD020) Pagan Dance by Druir GloOm Music and Charlie Awwen Druir are very happy to release the debut EP of Druir, the side project of Charlie. In this psychedelic journey of three tracks around the dark sounds of the forest psy Druir wants to introduce us a new sound based in fat bass, dark atmospheres,… [read more]

(GloOmD019) VA Totemic Unit by GloOm Music GloOm Music is very happy to announce its new VA Totemic unit. Totemic Unit is the meaning of the unification of a tribe, a group of people who make rituals to celebrate the way of life. This compilation, selected by Charlie Awwen, is formed by only GloOm artists… [read more]

(GloOmD018) Leopardtron – Kharma Elixir by Leopardtron Gloom Music & Leopardtron are happy to present their latest release “Kharma Elixir”, Leopardtron´s 4th E.P. up to date, comprising of 3 original tracks designed to soothe & inspire the soul. This Elixir will undoubtedly present you with the necessary ingredients to better cope with the pressures of… [read more]

Neuromania by Saikro

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