Fako – Bubbles

Written by on 2015-12-09

A new epoch in scientific understanding beckons us towards the expanse of dark matter: that mysterious, invisible, absolutely permeable oscillating collective of entities, which like the reality we fathom around us, seems attracted to gravity. The new cycle of time and understanding dances with higher vibrations. Apart from the positives, negatives and the neutrals previously realised, intelligence now shines over darker, mysterious realms of space and also the vacuum that pushes worlds apart.

Fako’s Bubbles (EP) is a presentation of 4 tracks that capture the spirit of hyperspace as we know it – full of countless multiverses of a polydimensional being. Fako’s bubble bath of sound forges an unstable flow of energy, creating, splitting up, or sprouting bubbles from nothing, thereby mirroring this mysterious space we inhabit.

The EP contains 4 carefully collected genre-bending tracks by Fako, with Kerlivin adding his space magic to the closing track. No spin. No charge. No energy-matter. But the dance is on. Bubble up!


W&P by Juliano Bcheche
Mastering by Monno @ Bimmelim Soundlabs, Denmark
Art by Cacofonix

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