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Twelve years ago, Joe (Hypnocoustics) and Angus (Mandala) met for the first time in a beach shack in Varkala and spent a special week hanging out, putting on small psychedelic parties and sharing music. Both were on their own personal voyages; Angus planting the visionary seeds for what was to become the stunning Mandala Goa… [read more]

Hujaboy has colluded with fellow crafty critters, Braincell & Vertical, to create these two cheeky little monsters.Both of these tunes will take the dance-floor deep into the realms of psychedelia where the creatures of the night like to come out and play.

Touch The Eternal by Tristan & Laughing Buddha & Mandala Tristan composed this eleven minute opus for the peak moment of his sets with a clear vision of a huge crowd unified by a beat, locked into rhythm as one stomping mass, blissfully deep in the moment with the sun setting across a dusty dance… [read more]

KOBI is the fresh solo musical expression from one half of the legendary LOUD duo. As can be expected from an artist with such a high class pedigree in creating truly entrancing sonic journeys, KOBI keeps true to his love for big chunky grooves topped with ever unfolding layers of melodic psychedelia that subtly weave… [read more]

Rate Of Change by Martian Arts Modular maestro, Martian Arts, has been industriously plugging away devising innovative techniques to extract never before heard sounds out of his state-of-the-art, intergalactic-starship-like music-making command-system. Who would have thought that unleashing an Albino Cat into his studio and pressing record while it unpredictably claws and morphs wave shapes would… [read more]

Organised Time by Magik & Yestermorrow The moment has arrived for Magik & Yestermorrow to share their latest creation of synchronized sounds channeled directly from the fourth dimension. From the get-go the pace is set and the momentum builds to gigantic peaks in this massive daytime dance floor rocker that will dissolve time and break… [read more]

Brace yourself for a bombardment of awe-in-spiralling basslines diving deep into your core as the sonic sorcerer Earthspace returns from his otherworldly explorations with freshly crafted enchantments to cast over dance floors. Conjuring cascading layers of sneaky-tweaky synthesis, he will send you further into the unknown as your mind is stirred into the morphing universal… [read more]

Vogon 42 is the brainchild of Ajja & Dickster, who, besides being two of the most pleasant specimens of the Vogon race, are also universally celebrated for their mastery of inter-dimensional alien dialects and music making. We are proud to reveal the Vogon 42 debut release comprising of two of their freshest multi-faceted creations assembled… [read more]

Dicktrevor & GMS must have been having so much fun writing in the studio together, that they have decided to create a collaboration project named Dickster & GMS! Blood Lines EP – The first fruits of their frivolous labour!

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