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Magik invites you on an entrancing adventure that will connect you with your inner child, still beaming with infinite imagination and fearless playful abandon. Feel the lunar glow as it illuminates your surroundings and let yourself go as the breeze sweeps you up into a mysterious voyage that sends you flying higher and higher swirling… [read more]

Menog and Sonic Species locked themselves away in the new and very updated Menog lab hidden deep in the hills of Portugal and let their minds meld into one to create this fresh and uplifting grinder of a tune, that will undoubtedly be a summer anthem for this crazy festival season and many more to… [read more]

To touch the eternal, understand the mysterious and find out who we are! Tristan, Laughing Buddha & Mandala dived into the swirling cosmic soup of self discovery and audio antics to do just this in a rainbow smeared studio, dripping with mojo and good vibes! And what did they find you ask ?  Press play on… [read more]

Just who are these secret music making gurus shrouded in yogic mystery ? Showing us that their mission of slipping in and out of dimensions to bring new sounds to our ears is in fact possible ? It’s as though for both of these amazing debuts tracks they have used every possible BRAINCELL to create a perfect sonic MANDALA every… [read more]

The Commercial Hippies return with a bang-klang-fang-KAPOW! These two spanking new tracks display the sonic Kung-fu and technical know-how of two mad scientists that have been locked in their lab for way too long and are now finally ready to unleash their mind altering new beats that will put a whirrr in your step !

Earthspace and Spinal Fusion band together with their latest production techniques to trick the minds-eye into seeing things that may not be real!?!  Effortlessly morphing their styles to create waves of illusions, their sounds induce visions as this fiery dance-floor igniter invokes the spirit of excitement into the space and transforms it into a mystical place.

Riding high on the perpetual waves of inspiration that have been flowing since the inception of their freshly established collaboration project, Dickster and GMS have been getting down and dirty in the studio making psychedelic beasts that will devour any dancefloor in the blink of an eye. Following on from the massive success of their… [read more]

Come take a trip into Ultra Space with the Laughing Buddha as he unveils his freshly sculpted sounds that boldly demonstrate the magic of this sonic master. Ultra Space is a stellar example of what it means to create a cutting-edge mature musical journey. Starting deep and tripped out to the max and then, just… [read more]

Killerwatts have combined their vast expertise in sonic manoeuvring to create a truly tripped out journey of infinite epicness!  Delving deep inside their spiralling minds and extracting the most harmonic cell resonating vibrations, they have perfectly layered each sound for maximum dance floor activating effect. ‘Fractals’ has already become a peak moment in the Killerwatts… [read more]

Welcome to this new series of Artist Collections on NANO, featuring carefully selected tracks from recent singles, EPs and compilations of featured artists. We launch with the man of many names and sounds, Dickster (Dick Trevor) also known as or part of : The Green Nuns of the Revolution, Bumbling Loons, Circuit Breakers, Vogon 42,… [read more]

Headroom has been locked away working on his much anticipated second album, but before that is ready to launch he has returned with another emotionally charged daytime groove of the highest quality that guarantees to get the crowd pumping and jumping all around the dance-floor.

Paving the way for Pogo’s upcoming ‘Reincarnations’ collection of remixes, that will soon be released on Nano Records, we are excited to present this stellar reworking by the Brazilian Queen of Psytrance, Altruism, of Pogo & Earthlings classic track ‘Out Of This World’! 

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