Mandala & Hypnocoustics – Music Is The Heart

Written by on 2019-03-11

Twelve years ago, Joe (Hypnocoustics) and Angus (Mandala) met for the first time in a beach shack in Varkala and spent a special week hanging out, putting on small psychedelic parties and sharing music. Both were on their own personal voyages; Angus planting the visionary seeds for what was to become the stunning Mandala Goa resort in Asvem, and Joe on an audio sample and out-there-experience hunt – absorbing the vibrations of the sub-continent with the intention of bringing authenticity and inspiration to the still gestating Hypnocoustics project. 

Fast forwarding to 2012 and by a chance encounter they connected again in Goa. Both were struck at the power of manifestation in their lives. Angus had grown the Mandala Goa into an immersive yogic sanctuary visited by guests from around the world, and Joe was well on his way to being recognised internationally as one of the UK’s foremost Psytrance producers and live acts. 

On Angus’ return to the UK, the much anticipated opportunity for them to sit down in the studio together had finally presented itself and after many sessions experimenting and fine-tuning their creation, this is the track that transpired.

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