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The Alchemist is a new project by Mussy Moody (Thy Trung) and Ghostscent (Ola Eriksson) formed in 2019. The 2 artist are from Parvati label, and joined their energy and forces to make a new sound for the psytrance scene. The sound can be described as melodic psykedelic tunes that challenges your mind

I'm not a robot - I'm a nobot Sometimes it's quite funky to be a nobot. No robot no fun you'd say. But that's only half the story. There's a huge evergrowing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the Ultraworld, directly connected to Nobots DAW - if USB is working. To ensure that noises beyond the major consensus narrative will be merged into relatively non-linear structures. And that's where the fun starts.

Nargun is the project held by Bruno Azalim (Atropp/Onionbrain) and Juliano Bcheche (Fako/Tijah).

Im a female psytrance artist from Denmark. Originally born in Vietnam. I have been making music since 1999 now. I started in a electronic computer school in Aarhus, where I began to make psytrance.

Mubali is the musical project of Greg Farley, originally based in Monterey, California but currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He came from a classical music background, due to playing viola for 9 years in school, as well as a funk and soul upbringing. He has been involved in electronic music as a whole since 2000, after being converted to the dj culture by Burning Man and Dj Dice. After a short stint of being a Drum and Bass dj, he was enticed into the land of psychedelic trance by Djs Michael Liu and Hidroponik (A.K.A. Arahat ).

Lurker is the name of the new project of Helder Amaral aka Rawar. After many years producing different kinds of psychedelic music and absorbing all kind of influences Helder decides now to create Lurker.

Kerlivin is one of the pioneers of psy trance scene in Taiwan. He started to Dj in 1997 and in 2002 he begun to organize parties with his own Label and party organization 26D Production.

Gu, a.k.a Takumi Yamaguchi, is a psychedelic trance producer from Osaka, Japan. In 2004 he wondered for the first time through the Indian sub-continent and stumbled into Goa completely unaware that he was about to have his life changed: In Goa he had his first encounter with Trance Music !

Gidra is one of the 3 headed demons adopted by Thomas who comes from the cradle of Psytrance , Goa .

Gappeq is a one-man project of Jiri Tomasek from Czech Republic. After numerous years of producing various kinds of music, as well as playing in bands, Gappeq focused his work on the darker side of psychedelic trance. His early tracks were mostly released on the Portugese label Ketuh Records. But feeling a deeper drive, Gappeq then moved on to creating a much darker, more experimental sound, which resulted in the release of his debut album Speaker Seeker in 2007 on Wirikuta Recordings.

Flipknot aka Brian Fernandes is goa-born but bombay bred freak whose main agenda is applying his cosmic algo-rhythmic knowledge to create various projects including Flipknot.Kerosene Club, Shiva Dynamo,Spirtual Gangsta,Fibre Stomp etc, Also he runs the legendary audio production school S58 Stomp Studios which boasts of having single handedly tutored around 140 students till date.and also runs India’s first female dj agency – Feline Agency.

Since 2005 producing psychedelic music on different projects and in 2012 the Elowinz Live Act became the focus of his productions.The detailed percussion work together with arrangements of different synthesis are gently guiding the dancers into trance.

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