Flipknot aka Brian Fernandes is goa-born but bombay bred freak whose main agenda is applying his cosmic algo-rhythmic knowledge to create various projects including Flipknot.Kerosene Club,Shiva Dynamo,Spirtual Gangsta,Fibre Stomp etc, Also he runs the legendary audio production school S58 Stomp Studios which boasts of having single handedly tutored around 140 students till date.and also runs india’s first female dj agency – Feline Agency.

Flipknot is an experi-mental organic groove avatar. An experiment which started as to send sound signals /codes to outer space or to other pillon riders who fell across other parts of planet earth or who maybe passing by and would raise a remote possibility of get a hitch ride back again.

Assembling and disintegrating soundwaves ,balancing and disguising them as leads and fx patterns against the tempo of the beat of an excited heart to avoid getting attention from the Human race. Strangely these experiments had an adverse effect on the human race who danced and grooved to when amplified to louder decibels.,some even meditated,which bought great joy and inner peace to him.

Nowadays he is on a full time mission conducting these experiments which resulted in explosive rituals in forests,urban dancefloors,river sides and at the same time serving the purpose of sending signal codes to his fellow kind pursuing his super secret mission. He has been travelling experimenting constantly around the world including India,Australia,Usa,Costa Rica ,Guatemala,Mexico,Russia,Brazil,Israel,Greece,Japan,Germany,Belgium,Spain,Dubai,Nepal and other unmentionable beautiful places.

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