The Alchemist is a new project by Mussy Moody (Thy Trung) and Ghostscent (Ola Eriksson) formed in 2019. The 2 artist are from Parvati label, and joined their energy and forces to make a new sound for the psytrance scene. The sound can be described as melodic psykedelic tunes that challenges your mind.

Thy Trung is a female psychedelic trance music producer from Denmark, originally she has Vietnameese/Chineese roots. Mussy Moody aka Thy Trung started her education in an electronic computer school in Aarhus, where she began to get introduced to psytrance. Working now for several years on her own musical creations under a few synonyms like Magnolia or forming the Psilo Cowboys with Jahbo and now The Alchemist with Ola Eriksson from former Derango, she has substantial experience in the worldwide trance scene. However, her main focus is on her most recent project Mussy Moody where she shows her passion for madness and twisted atmospheres. Already released several tracks on international labels like Insomnia from Russia, Trishula Records in the Netherlands, Phreex Network in Japan or Mistress of Evil from the USA and played in 32 different countries around the world.

Puts her name solid as one of the leading psytrance female producer in the trance scene. Being an inherent part of the Parvati Records crew from the early times she relentless works on new sounds for the partycrowd and convinces frequently with releases on her hometown label like the “Psy Stories Trilogy” or the “No strings Attached” split album.

Ghostscent is the solo project of Ola Eriksson. He has been in the psy trance scene since early 2000. His interest in creating music started at an age of 13. From then until 2017 he played in numerous bands trying out different instruments like drums, giutar, bass and piano/synth. His interest in electronic music started in 1997, discovering drum`n bass. And together with Jens (aka Purosurpo) they soon together dived into the psychedelic trance music scene and started experimenting with sounds. A few years later their project “Derango” was unleashed for the world to discover.

Ola Eriksson has also been involved in other music projects like Hallucinogenic Horses, Nge Duo, Blandbladen, Mantric Muse and Hooffoot and he is one of the founders of Sanaton Records.

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