Gu, a.k.a Takumi Yamaguchi, is a psychedelic trance producer from Osaka, Japan.

In 2004 he wondered for the first time through the Indian sub-continent and stumbled into Goa completely unaware that he was about to have his life changed: In Goa he had his first encounter with Trance Music !

There, after enjoying and dancing at parties he decided to become a Dj and shorly after, in 2006, felt the need to create his own original sound and so started to compose and work in studio.

Being heavily influenced by the sound of all psychedelic music in the world,
Gu sounds signatures are groovy bass lines and dark sounds and atmospheres.

Together with friend composer Digitalian he also creates music under the project name Backgammon.

GU has been performing extensively through Asia and Europe with a highlight at Boom Festival 2014 where is Live performance got a very positive feedback.

With Parvati Records since 2010, his music has also been released by other underground psy-trance Labels like Phreex Networx, Discovalley Records and Insomnia Records.

His first Digital EP – If Party People Are United –  was released by Parvati Records in the autumn 2017.

Jahbo is aka Abrahadabra/DJ Jahbo/Red Eye Jah

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