Mutaliens is the Brainchild of 2 English based producers Matthew Kyriakides aka Contineum and manager of fullon based uk label Mutagen Records and Zaythen Dawning aka Dj Zarvox and co manager of Mutagen Records.

Mutaliens is the exploration of Matt and Zaythens more psychedelic side of psy trance. After managing Mutagen Records for a few years these 2 have now embarked on a new psychedelic project called Mutaliens.

Gaining inspiration from the likes of Module Virus, Chris Rich, Southwild, Hoodwink, Dust, Assioma, Whiptounge, Dirty Saffi, EVP, Axail Tilt, Ajja and much more they have embarked on a journey of organised chaos and mayhem for your listening pleasure.

Working hard in the studio they are preparing for their first live in the uk in august and expect a steady flow of music to showcase their upcoming sound.

Current track