DJ Full Lotus

Full Lotus aka Arv to his friends, is a Psychedelic DJ based in London. At the age of 12 he discovered the word ‘psychedelic’ whilst reading a comic and after looking up the meaning, decided that it could be fun.

He started DJing on vinyl whilst at university playing a mixture of Alternative and Psychedelic rock and formed a student society with a focus on mainly 60’s psychedelia. During this time he was exposed to underground electronic dance music from the early 90’s UK scene and heard some people talking about ‘Goa’ parties and ‘Goa’ music and thought this also sounded like it could be fun.

Following a trip to Goa in late 1995, he became hooked on the music he heard at the beach parties and upon returning in early 1996, he began attending numerous Goa style parties in London. The following year he started organizing trance/techno events with a friend and started to DJ in London. In 1998 he became a resident DJ for the Kundalini party organization. This was the start of the Full Lotus project. After hearing the first Parvati Records compilation, First Step, he embraced this particular sound and became one of the first DJ’s in the UK to play it at parties.

With around thirty years of experience behind the decks, he is a regular fixture on the London psychedelic trance scene and currently plays what is known these days as dark/forest psychedelic trance or as he used to call it, twisted night time funk. His DJ sets are performed with the intention of making both your body and mind dance.

“Psychedelia is in the mind of the beholder.”

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