Insane Creatures – Wired Patterns

Written by on 2020-05-12

Insane Creatures returns with her new work comprising three tracks, conceptualised and ardently crafted in the luscious Catalonian forests of Spain.

A psychedelically powerful modular adventure programmed with the brain and the episodic memories bootstrapped on present, past and future life path, resulting in an endless cosmos of inextricably wired and intricately complex patterns.

Patterns are woven in the fabric of the homogeneous and symmetric universe and observed in the microcosm and macrocosm, from nautilus shells to spiral galaxies, from human neural networks to the cosmic web of superclusters and filaments.
Patterns gave rise to the standard model and supersymmetry, and paved the way for our quantum understanding of the world, chaos theory and the fractal properties of the self-similar scale invariant nature.

We are all self-oscillating patterns and our life’s memories are hard wired in the symmetry of the cosmos.

Written & Produced by: Angela Flo Llinas
Mastering by: Ankur at Seres Studio, Berlin
Artwork by: Kamila DJ Sati

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