ChromArepo – Intense Conditions

Written by on 2020-05-09

„Intense Conditions“- the long awaited debut album of the notorious duo ChromArepo (Chromatec & Sator Arepo) is the next release on the Deviant Force imprint – and a truly remarkable one. The two guys spent countless hours in the studio in order to provide a outstanding experience of richness and diversity in style and sound design, with a clearly audible focus on quality and production.

The experience and signature sound of both their solo projects smoothly blend in this album, yet these tracks mark the beginning of a new style and level of complexity compared to their previous works.

From obscure and deep digging stompers up to high energetic blasters – the Album is a rollercoaster of intense emotions. Relentless drumworks arrangened sophisticatedly with futuristic leadpatterns, driven by thunderlike punching kicks&basses, all subtly shrouded by mind-altering waves and soundextures. 10 sonic weapons ready to shake dancefloors worldwide, a must have for every lover of experimental and intelligent music.

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