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The Sanaton Logbook – 910-2102-90-01
Trancemission #13 Message intercepted from high orbit. – This is the 8:th voyage of Sanaton Records. Our mission is as always to explore strange new worlds, seek out new sounds and bombarding beats.

Boldly venturing into Ubrahk´s Orbit and beyond, this release is only available in digital format on Bandcamp

~~: T r a C K L i S t :~~
01- Derango – Odd Zone
W&P by: Jens Eriksson, Ola Eriksson

02 – Ghostscent – Spaced Out
W&P by: Ola Eriksson

03 – Hallucinogenic Horses – The Buskis
W&P by: Jens Eriksson, Ola Eriksson, Nicolas Di Bernardo,
Marcus Ryman, Daniel Jansson, Mikael Stegman, Johan Hellqvist,
Kim Bernhammar

04 – Inzect – Jelanasuki
W&P by: Jonas Lovén

05 – Traskel – Strandad
W&P by: Marcus Ryman

06 – Insurpo & Purozect – Bast Lattle
W&P by: Jens Eriksson, Jonas Lovén

07 – Elowinz – Ubrahk
W&P by: Diogo Gouvea

08 – Fontanellsurfarna – Här Ligger En Hund Begraven
W&P by: Marcus Ryman, Daniel Jansson

09 – MakadaM – Sub-Urban & His Mental State Band
W&P by: Daniel Jansson

10 – Buttergoose – Butter up
W&P by: Frode Mathiassen, Daniel Jansson

11 – Donkey Shot – Punk´s Not Ed
W&P by: Johan Hellqvist

12 – Stenad & Stanley – We Only Talk To Mutes
W&P by: Brus Springsteen & MC Hammered

_-~ ARTWORK ~-_ /////////////////////////////////
Made by: Rafaël Campoli aka MadeInRealtime

_-~ INFO ~-_ //////////////////////////////////////
Mastered by: David Chaim Cohen @ Xexify

Compiled & Organized by: Sanaton Crew

_-~ EXTERNAL LINKS ~-_ ///////////////////////////

Sanaton Records: www.sanatonrecords.com
Sanaton Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/sanatonrecords
Sanaton Instagram: www.instagram.com/sanatonrecords
Sanaton Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/sanatonrecords
Sanaton Discogs: www.discogs.com/label/37736-Sanaton-Records
Xexify: www.xexify.com
MadeInRealtime: www.madeinrealtime.com

bo0m, B0MbaRdeD bY / SaNaToN´z 

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