Teorema – Endless

Written by on 2020-04-23

The Samaa Records family is happy to present to you the long-awaited collaboration album ‘Endless’ by Teorema (Daniel Bertini).

Daniel frequents many Brazilian festivals and has been an underground psychedelic music producer for years. He is known to have a wide range of musical interests while at the same time maintaining a high level of creativity and inspiration that can be heard easily through his projects and artistic works which he is continuously working on.

‘Endless’ is a collaborative collection featuring Teorema alongside ten well-distinguished artists from all around this beautiful planet. An album that is filled with emotions, excitement, and real-life feelings of hopes and dreams that come through as Dani and his friends combine and blend a few sub-genres of psychedelic trance to create a vivid musical experience in many different modes.

With passion, respect and time, beautiful and exciting possibilities are still within our grasp.

#KeepWhirling 🧿

A word from the artist:

It’s a bit challenging to write a short testimony that includes the names of so many people who accompanied me, gave me support and are together with me building this reality. I will leave a big hug to everyone, and I don’t want to make the mistake of leaving someone out, so I will not talk about anyone else besides my daughter Mel who was undoubtedly the greatest inspiration since she has appeared in my life, always was a woman who helped us since we were born… in different moments of my life I had different partners who helped me to grow and mature, I am grateful to all of them, especially Nana who shares with me the responsibility of educating this little human being. The CD I have produced during the last 2 years called Endless talks about the infinite cycles of our life, from birth and death … from ideas … projects … relationships … all of them bring us to where we are today. I am grateful to all my friends and experiences that brought me here.

Teorema (Daniel Bertini)


✶ Mastering by EVP @ Wild Mastering

✶ Artwork by ElohProjects

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