Astral Projection – Power Gen (Kundalini Remix)

Written by on 2019-01-07

Kundalinis 4th EP with BMSS is a reworking of an epic track by “Astral Projection”.

20 years ago Astral Projections “Power Gen” set dance floors all over the world on fire. In 2019 we are happy to present you a modernized remix of this true Goa Trance classic.

This cleverly updated version has Kundalini”s signature kick and bass sound which brings “Power Gen” into the present moment without loosing the vibe and the magic that made the original so memorable.

A perfect dancefloor remix we are really happy to present to a new generation of trancers!


01: Astral Projection – Power Gen (Kundalini Remix)

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]

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